It’s always a rough day when the police come knocking at the illicit growhouse for pot. A florid beat policeman called Polanski, the officer offers a friendly warning: the entire building stinks like three rotting skunks rolling around a tumble dryer, so he indicates that I might have a gas leak or something. I mount an air purifier the next day, and run it next to Super Lemon Haze’s half-dozen thick, budding plants.

Weedcraft Inc is a fun, risk-taking story about a business tycoon. I act as an MBA dropout in the initial scenario, going home from college and taking a chance to go into the marijuana business. It might also be the beginning of a middling stoner comedy, but the game isn’t half-baked: it’s a thorough sim management crammed full of choices and details, and satisfying the process of growing and perfecting different plants.

Weedcraft tends to jam a lot of details into handling relationships and individuals, but ultimately it’s a fun pot growing game.


Weed is the show’s highlight here, and it exists in all its bewildering forms and tastes. I’m paying to unlock new pot varieties with names like Northern Lights, Granddaddy Purple, and Space Queen with a little startup cash. Each one has its own flavors and effects which make it famous with various social classes. Cash-flush visitors are eager to chill with Margharita Paradise for a good time. Patients with epilepsy abide by True OG while patients with cancer are all about Blue Dream because it allows them to sleep. Different parts of town are frequented by different groups, and all have various price and quality standards.

My tendency skewed for the high-end market you can easily download in ocean of games : I wanted to cultivate the world’s most chemically-pure cannabis as soon as I had a chance, then paid a bunch of wealthy children and visitors to consume it.

The fundamental cycle is where Weedcraft is at its strongest. I see a view of town from the map screen with a few major landmarks outlined as possible places to develop or sell. Each building is inhabited by various social classes, and is operated by various dealers. I glance around, and see the competition at the downtown hotel is low. The weeds accessible from a nearby biker gang are regarded as subpar by visitors there, and I want to slash their rich, middle-class holiday funds.


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